If you don’t have a logo, creating one should be the first order of business. We will explore color choices, design styles and how your logo will be used. The art file will be saved in a format that will enable it to be used in all applications, which includes print, t-shirts, the web, etc. without loss of quality.

From there we will move on to a design, which would be universal to all types of formats. Basically, we are trying to create a look for you that could be incorporated into all of your marketing needs to keep your branding consistent.


Branding : Consider These

  • Business purpose
  • Colors
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Fonts that convey emotion
  • Style matches your type of business
  • Uses: printing, silkscreen, embroidery 

Juan-Carlos Fernandez

“Bad design is smoke, while good
design is a mirror.”


Brian Reed

“Everything is designed. Few things
are designed well.”


Jarod Kintz

“To make my meal in a box taste
better, I decided to tweak the logo,
rather than the ingredients. ”



Professionally printed products say a lot about your business! We will work together to design a proper layout and even help you with the copy.

We will help you decide what type of printed material best serves your purposes. That may involve a simple business card or letterhead all the way up to a full magazine. Or you may need a banner, table sign or even a digital display board for trade shows or seminars.

Our purpose is to allow everyone to take advantage of our knowledge in order to receive a finished product done at quite a savings yet at higher quality than your local copy shop.

What’s nice is we treat our customers like friends. We might not look like your typical print shop, because our atmosphere is an open, friendly environment, focusing on quality, and always having time to care about you and your needs.

printing Ideas

  • Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead, Invoices
  • Brochures, Annual Reports, Flyers
  • Signs, Banners, Acrylics
  • Retractable Banners
  • Advertisement design for any media
  • Catalogs, Magazines, Employee Manuals


printing Info Costs

Since we develop a one-on-one relationship with our customers, we have the ability to accept whatever project you are working on through email, drop-off or our customer media center – saving you a trip. If you are a regular customer, you can just email or call us and we will pull up a previous job and take care of it for you.

Our prices are quite a bit lower than your local popular copy shop or big box office supply store with copiers. For example, color copies start at 35¢ per side. The typical price for other shops is over .50 per side. We do folding and all of the other services expected as well.


Pick-up or Delivery

Depending on the situation, we can deliver or you can stop in to say “Hi” and grab your printing on the fly. No hassles, just in and out. We’ll know who you are!



Direct mail is still a very powerful way to connect with new or existing customers. You can do a mailing campaign for under $1.00 per piece, including postage!

You can choose particular demographics including business or residential, age and household income to reach the best target audience for your products. 

We have the ability to use traditional mail services to send a post-card or an envelope filled with a brochure, inserts, or even a promotional product that we have available.


Delivery Ideas

  • Direct Mail 
  • Custom Mail targeting certain criteria
  • Ablilty to mail Catalogues, Newsletters, Magazines
  • Postcard type mailers for Realtors, Service People, Local Stores
  • Mailing programs available that cost less than $1.00 per piece, including postage!
  • We can also help you construct and obtain a mailing list that will fit your marketing strategy.