Website Development

Our websites are custom built for each client…it will not be a run-of-the-mill template. You will easily be able to change text and pictures on your site with a drag-and-drop method that is similar to Word, but doesn’t limit you to a canned layout.  It’s easy.  No coding involved!

We will work with you to determine how to present your product for the web, whether your product is B2B or B2C, whether you need E-commerce, a blog, or even to build a community.

All of our sites are built to work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops without the use of a separate mobile app. More than 50% of consumers use their smartphone to search, so it is imperative that your site is optimized for that device, as well as all other viewports.

Our search optimization puts you on the map. Most search for a business that is near them, but if you are not picked up by the online directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and YP), you will not be found. We will optimize your site organically for the search engines using content focused on keywords pertaining to your business offerings. This will result in favorable listings when a potential client is searching for more than just a local vendor.

Web Development Ideas AND Thoughts

  • Our websites are very compelling and will create excitement for you and your target audience.
  • Websites that are Responsive (work on a pc, tablet, and smartphone.)
  • A Website that is unique to you. We don’t just use cookie cutter layouts that make you look like everyone else.
  • Your website will have a theme which will fit into the branding of your overall company branding.
  • We use photographs to grab customer’s attention. We especially like incorporating our customer’s pictures.
  • We create a modern look that will grab your visitor’s attention with beautiful banners and animated slide elements.
  • A complete shopping cart experience selling a service, product, digital media, or whatever you have.
  • We offer email campaigns to boost your sales or connect with your customers.
  • All sites come with an admin area only accessible to you allowing you to make changes to your website in a secure manner.
  • We can build custom solutions fitting your specific needs.
  • We offer database support, whether you want to create one, or take advantage of another businesses database though API calls.
  • The websites we build are YOURS unlike some of the TV advertising website commercials that claim to offer a website that you truly never own. If you have decided no longer to work with us, everything you have done with us is YOURS.

Mobile First

Since the internet is becoming more of a mobile world, we strive to make sure your website works across all viewports.