At Media Mouse Ink, we specialize in assisting small businesses, non-profits and associations with their marketing objectives, offering a wide range of services, including marketing campaigns that encompass web, print, direct mail, and promotional products.

What we do.

Developing Your Marketing Plan


Is your website
just an
online brochure?
Your digital home should be more than a brochure. We offer some unique functions that will allow your site to stay fresh and relevant! Learn more >>


Leave your brand everywhere!
Printed materials open the door to conversation and opportunity.
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Be memorable!
Everybody loves a gift! A tote bag or a tee shirt will multiply your exposure to potential clients for years.  Learn more>>

A Complete Plan Builds Your Brand


Thank you for considering us as a possible part of your marketing team. 

Whether you need help with logo design, brochure creation, website development,
or have any questions related to marketing, we’re here to support you.
Just let us know what specific assistance you require,
and we’ll do our best to provide you with the information and guidance you need.