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Pay per click

Google provides a product called AdWords, which enables customers to increase their website traffic by paying for each click. When someone searches for terms chosen by the website owner, their ad appears, and they are charged only when someone clicks on it. If the ad appears but isn’t clicked on, there is no charge, providing some free brand recognition. By strategically setting up keywords, it’s possible to reach a more focused audience likely to purchase your product or service, while staying within your budget.

There are several advantages to using AdWords:

AdWords allows you to quickly attract customers to your website. With a well-optimized campaign, you can start driving targeted traffic to your site almost immediately.

When properly set up, AdWords can be a cost-effective method for acquiring customers on a consistent basis. By carefully managing your campaigns, you can maximize your return on investment and gain new customers week after week.

AdWords provides the flexibility to change your campaigns at any time. This is particularly helpful for businesses that have seasonal fluctuations or need to adjust their advertising strategies based on market trends.

AdWords often offers comparable or even lower costs compared to other advertising methods. This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to reach a wide audience without breaking the bank.

AdWords comes with robust analytics that provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ads. You can track various metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and customer behavior, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and improve your overall advertising performance.

In summary, AdWords is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and measure the success of their advertising efforts.

Adword Packages

Introducing our Adword package:
Boost your online presence with our cost-effective solution. We offer blocks of three campaigns at an affordable price of $50 per month per block. Each block includes three search terms (campaigns) accompanied by relevant keywords.

Let’s say you own a tree company. Your chosen search terms could be “Tree Removal,” “Tree Trimming,” and “Stump Grinding.” For each of these search terms, you can set a monthly budget. Once your budget limit is reached, you won’t be charged any additional amount for that month. Rest assured, Google will effectively distribute your Adwords throughout the entire month, maximizing their impact.

At Media Mouse Ink, we understand the importance of transparency and value for money. That’s why we only charge $50 per block of three campaigns per month to maintain these campaigns. We don’t impose any extra fees on top of Google’s click charges. With us, you can achieve optimal online exposure without going over your budget.

Adwords can be the perfect way to get your business up and going immediately.

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